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Under Armour’s Sports Mask Makes Outdoor Workouts Easier



Under Armour Launched a Breathable Sports Mask

Fabric face masks can be an uncomfortable aspect of safely working out in public. That’s why Under Armour created a breathable face mask made for athletes and people who love outdoor fitness. In fact, college and pro sports teams have already started using the mask for training.
The UA SPORTSMASK is made up of three layerseach designed to ensure a more comfortable experience while working out. The first includes air pockets to provide better air flow. The second is made of open-cell foam that allows air in, but makes it difficult for moisture and respiratory droplets to pass through. And finally, the third layer is made of cooling fabric to avoid overheating.

People who wear glasses will appreciate the moldable nose-bridge, which keeps the mask in place and prevents glasses from fogging, according to Under Armour.

Deonte Harris , wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, tells Men’s Health the new mask allows him to finally workout with his teammatessomething he missed in quarantine.

“Given recent conditions, I was exercising alone, or with a few select people,” he says. “These workouts were effective, but they just werent as good as they are when Im pushing myself to compete against my guys. Now, I can train with teammates in a smarter and safer way.”

Of course, you’ll want to wash the mask to avoid “maskne” , and Harris says the SPORTSMASK has held up after several washes.

“Its recommended to wash the UA SPORTSMASK after you wear it, so Ive followed this guidance, and to me, the mask looks as good as new,” he says.

If you hate working out with your current mask, you might want to check out this new offer from UA available for purchase today at 10AM EST . However, these are pricier than many fabric masksa single cover costs $30 and comes in a variety of sizes.

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