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Mirage 9



Episode 9

I DECIDED TO live my life for God; I got lost in His work by joining the choir both at church and in my fellowship back in school.
My parents were surprised at my sudden closeness to God.
“You go to church often lately, hope no problem?” My Mom asked me.
I laughed. “No problem Mom. It is better to get closer to God than to be one leg in and out. In appreciating the love He showed me, I need to serve Him.”
“Hmm… I see”
They didn’t stop me in any way or try to discourage me but my parents did not say anything either until one day, something changed.
I just got back home from church and it’s a Sunday.
I had been home for a while and I did not see Mom, I knew she was home.
“Dad… is Mom OK?”
“I don’t know dear. She’s been acting weird since we got back from church. I tried talking to her, she told me she needed some time alone.” My Dad looked towards the stairs worried.
“Don’t worry Dad. Let me go talk to her.”
I went upstairs, I knocked the door and tried opening it, fortunately, it was not locked. She was seated in front of the mirror.
“Mom, are you OK?”
She turned to look at me “Esther” She sighed.
I rushed towards her, knelt before her and held her hand.
“What’s wrong?”
“My baby” She touched my head, her eyes were filled with tears.
“What happened?”
“You sang beautifully today” She started. “You know this is the first time I actually concentrated on a ministration from the choir. I listened to the lyrics and they sank in. When you were singing, I saw people crying; they were in the spirit.”
“I cried too you know. I can’t believe this is what my non challant attitude towards the God stopped you from doing.” I held her hands tighter.
“I’ve just been sitting here regretting those times.”
“So, what are you going to do?” I asked her.
“I’m going to get serious with God. I want to change.”
I smiled. “Wow”
“Do you want to give your life to Christ Mom?”
“Yes please. I want to”
I was so happy, because that day a wind of change blew in my home.

EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT, I was already in my final year. Dorcas was a year ahead of me, so she has graduated; I cried that day because she was my true friend.
I was busy with my project and getting ready for my final exams but I did not allow it to affect my service in the fellowship.
Everything was going on well until the day the president of my fellowship asked me to wait behind because he had something to tell me.
“Hi sir” I greeted him with respect.
“Hi, Sis Esther. Hope you are good?” He asked me.
“Yes I am. Thank you.”
“OK” He rubbed his hands together looking around.
“You said you have a message for me?” I asked him breaking the silence.
“Oh, yeah.”
He scratched his head and chuckled nervously. “Um, the thing is Sister Esther… he became a stutter. Actually… the thing is God is leading me to you”
“Leading you, how?”
“I mean, God is telling me you are the woman for me” He said quickly.
I was shocked. I could not say anything. The memories of Tayo flashed before my eyes and I felt some emotions rise up within me.
I picked my bag and looked him straight in the eye. “I’m not interested” I told him and walked away.


I hope to inspire and glorify God's name.

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