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Mirage 8



Episode 8

He suggested moving to a more private place on getting there, but I insisted on staying where people could see us at least.
“You look beautiful today” he said.
“Thank you” I said sharply.
“Come on, why are you frowning? Smile for me dear” He tried to touch my jaw, but I gave him a “If you dare” look and he got the message.
He cleared his throat. “I’ve noticed you and Dorcas lately, are you friends now?”
“Tayo, go straight to the point. Why did you ask us to talk?”
“Um… I wanted to apologize for the other time. She caught me unaware”
I was shocked at what he said. “You are apologizing because she caught you unaware?”
“Wow” I breathed out.
“Look, I know you like me and I enjoy your company too. We can start this since we feel so much for each other, who knows, something great might come out of this.”
“I don’t get you.” You want us to start “something” while you are in another?”
“Uhm, something like that”
“Who made you the General Secretary of the fellowship?”
“Excuse me?” He frowned.
“That’s none of my business anyway.” I looked at him straight in the eye. “Tayo, I’m not interested in starting “something” with you or anything whatsoever. The fact that you could suggest such a thing… you must have really taken me for a fool.”
“What? No, I didn’t say that…”
I raised my hands up to stop him. “Enough! I don’t want to hear anything. I’m not interested in you, at least not anymore. I pity the lady you claimed to be with, she really seems to be a nice girl.”
“What do you mean?” He looked angry now.
I was about to reply when I saw Dorcas.
“I’m done with the meeting” She said.
“OK I will join you soon.” I told her.
“OK.” She looked at Tayo. “Bro. T” She said in greeting.
“Sister Dorcas” Tayo replied.
The atmosphere between them was tense, Dorcas smiled at him nevertheless. “I will be waiting in the church” she said. She looked at Tayo again before she left.
“Oh! I see. She talked you to this. She made you turn your back at me” Tayo accused me.
“No, she opened my eyes to see what was before me and now I think I can see the real you.”
“I hope you go back to who you were in Christ Tayo and stop this life you are living.”
I left him standing there and called to Dorcas. She came along with my bag and we walked home.


I hope to inspire and glorify God's name.

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