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Mirage 10



Episode 10

BRO. ALFRED KEPT on tormenting me and I kept saying no, but it seems he did not get my message.
“I’m convinced you are the one for me and we have a lot to accomplish for God together” He kept saying but I turned deaf ears, I did not even bother praying about him, nevertheless he was persistent.
“Can we talk later sir? I’m meeting up with someone” I said politely to Bro. Alfred.
“OK then. I will talk to you later. Take care of yourself”. He hung up and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Hmm…” Dorcas cleared her throat.
“Hmm…” I replied her.
She smiled and sipped her juice. “It’s good to see you Esther.”
“Same here” Dorcas came home for a little while from her place of service and since she’s living in the same town the school is located in we decided to meet up but outside campus.
“How is service now?” I asked her.
“I can’t wait to finish jare but the place is peaceful and I met great people, so I’m happy.”
“That’s great”
“Yeah” Dorcas drank from her juice again. “So, who was on the phone earlier?” Dorcas asked.
“Ah, I’ve been waiting for you to ask.”
“Whatever, tell me, who was on the phone?”
“Bro. Alfred”
Dorcas tried to figure out who it was for some seconds before her eyes lit up “The Bro. Alfred?”
“Yeah” I said casually.
“Oh my God! Tell me, what’s happening?”
“Well, he told me God is leading him to me and so on and so forth”
Dorcas squealed. “Wow”
“Stop shouting” I said softly looking around.
“Oh, sorry sorry” Dorcas lowered her voice but she was still excited, her eyes were dancing around. “So have you prayed about it?”
I snorted. “I already told him I’m not interested” I said dismissively.
“What?! God said he’s not the one?”
“I didn’t even bother to pray about it.”.
“But why?” Dorcas asked sadly.
“You know why”
“I don’t Esther.”
I looked away. “All of them are the same” I said finally.
“All of who?” Dorcas asked.
I sighed, annoyed at her questions. “All the so called brothers”
Dorcas was quiet, looking at her plate of rice.
“Is this about Bro. Tayo?”
I shrugged.
“Esther, what happened between you and Tayo happened almost two years ago.”
“So, you should have gotten over it”
“I have”
“No, you have not” Dorcas said firmly. “You have not”
“Well, Tayo was the General Secretary, if he could do what he did, what makes this one different?” I tried to defend myself.
“So because someone broke your heart, everyone is now a heartbreaker? Because a so called believer betrayed you, every Christian brother is betrayal?”
“You don’t understand. He toyed with my feelings. I really liked him Dorcas”
“Yes, two years ago. Tayo has graduated, he has moved on with his life and you are letting him hold your life back. You are letting your past affect your present. You are never going to give anyone a chance again because someone hurt you?”
I raised my head up to stop tears from falling.
Dorcas held my hand. “You need to let go Esther.”
Tears fell from eyes. “I’ve been trying to but the memories are still fresh in my head. I can’t forget the fact that he used me and I fell for it. I was such a fool.”
Dorcas squeezed my hand. “Forgive yourself. Heal from your wound. You are no longer a “fool” Esther, you have been redeemed, you are now a child for God, your past is over, you have a new life in Christ.”
I sobbed quietly. “I don’t know, I don’t know how”
“He said “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Cast all your care upon Him Esther because He truly cares for you” Dorcas said softly.
“Submit it all at the feet of Christ”
Thank God we sat at the far back of the eatery, I would have made the trending news on social media. I told God my fears, I told Him my pain, I told Him my hurt, I submitted it all at His feet, and I felt the burden lifted.

“YOU ARE GOING to tell him today right?”
“Yes. I’ve told you that a number of times Dorcas” I spoke into the phone “but I’m so nervous.”
“It’s part of the thrill. You will do great.”
I hung up and entered the fellowship, the fellowship was holding a send forth programme for us but in form of a dinner service.
Bro. Alfred and my eyes met a couple of times and every time it did, I felt more nervous but I patiently waited till after the service.
“Can I speak with you for a moment?” I told him and walked on without waiting for his reply but I knew he was coming behind me.
I stopped at a private place but we could still see what was going on in the fellowship.
“Hope you are good?” Bro. Alfred asked
“I am and you?”
“Yes I’m good”
We stood awkwardly. “I have to tell you something” I said.
“Oh OK.” Bro. Alfred said gulping.
“Firstly, I’m sorry for making you wait this long. I had some issues to settle”
“No problem. Take your time.” Bro. Alfred bit his lips.
“Well, I prayed about you and God is telling me we can do this together.”
Bro. Alfred looked up, shock evident in his eyes. “You are willing to?”
“I’m ready to”
He smiled so wide I thought his mouth would tear.
“Thank you so much” He said again and again.”
“Thank you for being patient for me” I told him sincerely.
“I have to go now. Good night Bro Alfred and sleep well”
“Let me walk you”.
“Don’t worry. I’m sure your presence is needed in the church. I will call you”
I waved at him before I left. This is the beginning of a new thing in my life which I’m sure it would be a wonderful journey.”

The End.

I hope to inspire and glorify God's name.

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